The Ascetic

Ai Lin on one of his first practices, Gong Fu: “…Though I’m still only an embarrassment to my school, perhaps you can see a glimpse of what I’m trying to articulate.  This art of power – it does incredible things to the body-mind.  One can devote one’s life to it – it utterly nullifies loneliness and […]


Ruta Kuzmickas performing an excerpt from Chopin’s Ballade No. 1 in G Minor, Op 23.  While a powerful visual and performing artist, in this piece she expresses the concept that we are concurrently the performer and audience, both roles being necessary for the greater experience.  As performer she wears the Jiddu Jacket, Diem T-shirt, Uro Pants, […]

The Dualist

Yavor Vesselinov in character, exploring the tensions between opposing aspects of the self.  Wearing Jiddu Jacket blackveil, Jiddu Jacket lokta, Uro Pant sumi, Uro Pant parchment, En Glider grain, En Glider lunar. 


Drawing in her surroundings and distilling them into a soft essence of beauty, Taiana feels and felts in the Jiddu Jacket, Diem T-shirt, Vshkt, and En Gliders. 

The Soother

A formal education in philosophy set the playing field for his movement practice.  Together the disciplines work to dissolve the mind-body duality.  Hannu Marcelino flows in the Pneuma 3/4 knit, Uro Pant, and Sanctum Shoe.

The Catalyst

A lifelong discipline in movement is the sensual reflection of a greater movement toward elevating a lifetime, elevating a planet. Work with urban youth balances a practice of permaculture. Jon Campbell moves in the Oneiro T, Oneiro Pant, and Sanctum Shoe

The Painter

Andie Furtado explores shadows & light in Eyn Vas collected archive pieces. 

The Mad Inventor

A. Jason Ross explores potentials in the Vas shirt, Pneuma knit, Naos Cap, Apeiros Pant, Ouroboros Pant, Sanctum Shoe, and Dogen Outer.

The Strangers

Visual artist Andie Furtado & sound artist Calvin Pia share space.

The Harmonizer

Joseph Robinson contemplates tone poems in the Vas Shirt, Apeiros Pant, Dogen Outer, and Omnis Shoe.