Aorii Overshirt ~ egret

Size: I ( XS-S)

A symphony of subtle cuts define the cascading silhouette of this oversized layering piece.  Designed to be either worn over a fitted knit for a ceremonial look, or stand-alone as a luxurious shirt / robe. 

Barely-visible front hook & eye closures allow it to be secured closed or relaxed open, while overlapping front and back panels form an effortless pocket that quietly envelopes one's entire forearm. 

A well-balanced cotton/linen/wool blend makes it easy to care for, soft on the skin, and warm+breathable for function in all seasons. 

COMPOSITION: 57% Cotton / 29% Linen / 14% Wool

CARE: cold wash gentle or hand wash. Tumble dry.

COLOR: Egret is a warm, soft ivory

Daryna is 5'10 and is wearing size II over the Still Layer.

Cut and sewn in New York City by our long-time manufacturing partner, known for their extreme precision. The fabric is sourced from Japan.

ETYMOLOGY: An homage to the 'Aoriika' cephalopod who's mating dance produces breathtaking lines with its fin movements.