NAÚ PANT • Black Swan

Size: I (XS 27-28)

A marriage of elegance and comfort fabricated in a specially engineered all-season washable wool that unites an elevated look with full-range mobility, comfort, and wool's superior temp-regulating, anti-microbial, and wicking properties.  

Half elastic back waistband supports the flat front + drawstring configuration, eliminating the need for belt-loops and extra bulk.  The two well appointed front pockets utilize a welt construction to stay flat, without back pockets to maintain the integrity of the silhouette. 

COMPOSITION: 96% wool / 4% elastane

WEIGHT: 270 gsm (mid-weight)

CARE: This is a special wool that can also be safely washed with minimal shrinkage, a more relaxed look, and subtle texturing.

COLOR: Black Swan is a deep matte black

Model is 5'11" with a slim build and wears size III at low waist.

See the size guide for exact flat measurements of each size.

Cut and sewn in New York City by our long-time manufacturing partner, known for their extreme precision. The fabric is is from one of Italy's finest Italian mill that sources its wool from animal-friendly, regenerative farms.

Etymology: from ancient Greek ᾰ̓́πειρος • (ápeiros) m or f (neuter ᾰ̓́πειρον)
boundless, unlimited, infinite