Join our journey into nebulous spaces of conceptual experimentation.  Seats are limited and once they're filled we will close ticket sales until the next stop. 

You will receive a USD $5000 (or the equivalent in your currency) credit and first access to the Nebulanaut collection, conceived without the usual ready-to-wear constraints, by the designer of Eyn Vas and the legendary experimental brand InAisce whose pieces are still coveted and traded nearly a decade after the project's conclusion. 

The nature of the materials, construction, and finishing will give each individual piece unique character, but the core designs will be produced in limited editions as follows: 

Garments in editions of 9-20 will range from USD $900-$2000.

Garments in editions of 3-9 will range from USD $1500-$9000

Garments in editions of 1 or 2 will start at USD $5000

Your credit will never expire and will be applied to your selection from the Nebulanaut collection or you can use it to purchase items from the Eyn Vas webstore at any time.  You may also request a refund for the ticket if the journey does not meet your expectations. 

We are finalizing the design of first ensemble which we will present to you in late September / early October.

First you will receive a description and imagery of materials along with sketches from our designer, Jona Sees, which will not be shown anywhere else (we politely ask that you keep them private).  We will then begin iterating prototypes and finally present one in its final material and finish. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the designs remotely or in person, and at any stage you will be able to make / amend a reservation for your size and color.

Upon completion of the final prototype reservations will be closed and we'll enter production.  Depending on the item, you will receive it within 4-16 weeks (we'll let you know in the design phase the estimated wait time for each item).  From there we hope you will enjoy it for a lifetime and it becomes a treasured piece of your immortal existence.

You will be able to select your size from XXS-XXL

Nebula - space cloud, from Latin /ˈ, [ˈnɛbʊɫ̪ä] "fog"
Naut - traveler, from Ancient Greek ναύτης [naútēs] “sailor”
Nebulanauts are sailors of cosmic fog, explorers of the unseen and unknown

We are working with artists and craftsmen from the ground source of every material component to the hand construction of the garments to the special other-worldly finishes.

As always, patterns will be drafted in the Eyn Vas studio to achieve our unique balance of biomimetic and architectural lines.