SHADOW HAT • Driftwood

Hybrid hat engineered to protect against the sun and fall just low enough to offer an enclosed, anonymous feeling, without being too low over the eyes.

Fabricated in an exceptional cotton-linen jacquard from a century-old Japanese mill and exhibits a weave that eludes definition, being both refined yet subtly raw with texture that resembles leather or bark. 

One-size-fits-all with an adjustable crown and drawstring. 




CONTENT: 61% Cotton / 39% Linen

CARE: dry-clean for best results

COLOR: 'Driftwood' is inspired by aged botanical matter and is a complex and richly textured warm light grey, resembling its sea-weathered namesake.

One-size-fits-all. Crown adjusts for different head sizes.

The hat is cut and sewn in New York City by one of the finest manufactories in the US. The fabric is is sourced from a Japanese mill that Jona has worked with for over a decade and is still utilizing century-old machines in some cases.