Orion Crewneck ~ natural grey

Size: II (S-M)

This carefully engineered silhouette balances refinement with sublime enveloping comfort to merge freely with a wide wardrobe spectrum.

Spun from luxurious and eco-conscious yak wool, one of the most exquisite fibers nature has given us.  Yak fiber is renowned for its unparalleled warmth while being remarkably light and breathable, making it a precious year-round essential. 

This version utilizes the undyed, naturally grey fibers.

The yarns are knit precisely to the pattern for a 0-waste production. The engineered pieces are knit-joined (not sewn) for a seamless feel. 

As with all our garments, the comfort is too good to compromise with a label at the neck.  Instead it comes with a hiba wood hang tag which can be kept with your clothes to keep them fresh. 

COMPOSITION: 100% yak wool

CARE: Dry clean or gently hand wash and dry flat.

COLOR: Natural, un-dyed yak fibers are carefully selected for this beautiful warm grey.

Please click the Size Guide below the price for measurements and fit details.

Masterfully constructed by our Nepalese knitwear partners in their pristine workshop in Patan – the old Kathmandu.

The yak wool is sourced with care from free-roaming Himalayan yaks.